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Italy: Cora Seeds present Regale F1

At Fruit Logistica 2017, Cora Seeds presented a new and unique midi plum tomato variety. What makes it special is the possibility of cultivating it both in short and long cycles. Plants are very productive with uniform fishbone bunches bearing 6-8 fruits. No pruning is needed. It is also rustic and resistant to TYLCV. 

According to Angelo Crucitti, sales manager for Cora Seeds, Regale tomatoes (ex CRX75678) have been tested for the past two years both in northern and southern Italy. "From a genetic point of view, this tomato was created and selected entirely in Sicily. At the moment, it is cultivated in the Santa Croce Camerina area, and good results have been achieved also using freshwater. The long shelf-life makes it ideal for exports." 

Transplants are carried out between September 1st and May 30th. Fruits weigh 35/40 grams and develop a good colour throughout the year. The uniform bunches make packaging easier.

The Regale F1 variety guarantees tomatoes that taste good with bunches that remain elegant for a few weeks after harvesting. It reduces cultivation, sorting and processing costs.

At the moment, Regale tomatoes can be viewed in 4 display greenhouses: two in Santa Croce Camerina, one in Vittoria and one in Niscemi. In addition, twenty 100-plant tests are being carried out between Pachino and Gela.

Producers particularly appreciate its resistance to TYLCV, as well as the fact that it is rustic and can grow well even when temperatures are rather low. 

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