● Cora Seeds celebrates ten years thinking about export to the USA and Australia

Cora Seeds celebrates ten years thinking about export to the USA and Australia

From all over Europe, South America and North Africa to visit in person the experimental fields of Cora Seeds. The seed company Cora Seeds has organized in Cesena two-days of technical meetings with customers from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, Egypt, Morocco, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, Serbia, Moldova just to mention a few countries. This culminated last night, July 27, 2016, with a big party in a prestigious villa in the hills of Cesena (two pictures following) to celebrate the 10 years of the seed company activities.

The company was founded the 5th September, 2006 - explained the owner Maurizio Bacchi to FreshPlaza - and, since then, we have come a long way. Until then I worked for a very important seed company, I had my work in peaceful and safe. When I told my wife Lorena that I wanted to start my own activity, she looked at me with the typical expression of the wives who intend to say 'come on, what are you saying?’ In fact a little was right because we had the experience, but for the rest we started from scratch. Difficult then to think that, after 10 years, we have customers all over the world.


The Bacchi Family: Maurizio, Lorena, Alessandro and Luca with the tenth anniversary cake


Maurizio also recalled an anecdote: "In the summer of 2006, Italy won the World Cup in Germany. I remember that even during the final I was thinking about how to create Cora Seeds. Today we are a reality with 40 employees between permanent and seasonal, and the last year, sales increased by 37%. One of our strong points is the onion and we export a lot in Russia, a nation which accounts for 25% of exports."


visit to the experimental greenhouses with foreign customers


The strength of Cora Seeds is the onion. Producers of Russia are enthusiastic for a variety in particular: "Elenka" hybrid characteristic color bronze with four very thick skins. These give the bulb a great resistance and it can be kept in high piles of even 6-7 meters, in the storage. Elenka is also appreciated for the great rusticity to the collection, the spherical shape, the colour that appeals especially to consumers and the retailers.

group photo with some of the foreign customers.


But that's not all. Bacchi is still chasing his dream, which is for Cora Seeds to become the leading seed company in Italy, so much so that it is considered equal to the multinationals. In Italy Cora seeds employs 15 agents covering the whole territory; with regard to foreign countries, the commercial responsibility is entrusted to an expert, Rick Naber, Dutch, who has decided to move from the Netherlands and has found a home close to Ronta di Cesena and not too far from some experimental fields of Cora Seeds.

Rick Naber, Head of Foreign Trade Office.


"This is a family - said Naber at the party last night, introducing himself to all the guests - When I met Maurizio, last year, he welcomed me and told me that I would be at home. I thought they were only words for the occasion, but in reality it is. With him, with his wife Lorena, their sons Luca and Alessandro, and the other colleagues I really feel at home ".

A historical picture: Oct. 10, 2006, Bacchi working in a cramped space. The company was founded just 35 days before.


During the party last night, in front of a hundred guests, Bacchi said to continue to invest in research (entrusted, among others, to Federica Brandi) and to continue to take the lead on many fronts, as in the past with Cora Seeds. "We are aiming to other markets - said the owner - such as China, Australia, New Zealand and even the United States that showed interest in our onions".

Bacchi Maurizio in one of its experimental greenhouses.


"During the technical visits - concluded Bacchi - many buyers, especially those from Eastern Europe, were thrilled by some of our vegetables that would fit perfectly to the needs of consumers and of their areas. In the coming weeks I will be happy to explain these new proposals in detail to FreshPlaza. "

Date of publication: 07/28/2016

Author: Cristiano Riciputi

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